European Discipline


Discipline has been one of the most beneficial factors in my life. It has improved my body, my mind, my logic, my critical thinking skills, my emotions, my eating habits, my bodily functions and most of all…it saved my life.

Self discipline is European. As most of us know philosophy in Europe has dealt always with discipline among many other things. Names such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca The Younger and so on are very familiar to us. The first 3 mentioned created schools of thought based on their philosophy which, while there are very minor differences in them, they all seem to stem from the same concepts to some degree. European discipline is apart of our way of life, it IS our life.

The European is clean, strong, healthy, beautiful, courageous and loving.



I believe that taking the hardest route, the most difficult task, forcing yourself into situations that create frusturation, fear, anxiety and uncomfortable feelings are beneficial because they harden your mind. You develop coping skills when In these situations that your forced to deal with and having the discipline to voluntarily go head first into these tasks creates a strength of heart and mind.

After reading many European(pagan) books of our philosophy and putting into action our philosophy I have seen a great deal of improvement in myself, often feeling a superhuman sense self(w/o the ego) when forcing myself into situations or overcoming tasks that are undesirable.

I wake up early(4:30 mostly), 5 days out of the weak I do 1000 pushups a day, I take uncomfortably cold showers, when practicing combat(kickboxing), I tend to do so with one eye closed or make it harder in some way, I force myself to do things when I have no energy and am tired, I have a clean and strict diet, at work I choose the roughest most grueling task I can find, I keep a close eye on my emotions, I abstain from unhealthy bodily desires(because I don’t feel the need nor do I want to anyways, this includes masturbation, pornography, meaningless sex, over eating), I have a very simple bed, one pillow one blanket, I keep my ego in check and try to look at things as logically as possible.

This does not mean that I NEVER let loose a bit. I may eat a small amount of sweets, or sleep a tad bit longer than usual, or not workout a day or two. Self discipline also includes knowing when to stop and knowing when you need to recover in order for you body and mind to repair.

(by no means am I listing all of my achievements as a way to inflate my ego)

Now in our society, the things mentioned above are almost absent! Our jewish ran society promotes the opposite, self indulgence, laziness, lack of self control, hyper sexuality, gluttony, no emotional self control etc.

Welcome to America! Where you can do whatever the hell you want without considering others! Oh, and obesity is an epidemic here too. YAY!

(funny, most of the jewish elite sort of resemble this…thing above)

Its very easy to see it, as matter of fact being lazy, excessively comfortable, soft luxurious and self indulgent are seen as the NORM in our world. Everyday I see people with very odd, misshapen bodies, a cigarette in one hand and a coffee (or some of other unnatural artificial drink) in the other. Not to mention the extremely expensive clothes, the shiny, heavy and useless wristwatch (they never actually use to tell time) on their wrist, usually met with an attitude of arrogance, stupidity, irritability and a very artificial character as well. The attitude of today is one of laziness and a seeking out of the path to least resistance. Living a life a luxury is the goal of every American, its the American dream of course! People are addicted to their cell phones, facebook, addicted to some prescription drug, clothes, cars and sex. Many of these things are actually their whole identity. Men…..wait Im sorry, OVERGROWN BOYS have no control whatsoever of the mental faculties or their bodies. They judge women based on the size of their breasts or butt(nevermind their character) and will chase after these women in hopes of sleeping with them for 10 minutes either because it solely feels good or so they can tell everyone about it. Often times they will do so (both men and women) despite the fact that the two may already have a significant other(in this case insignificant) all because they have no control of their desires or bodies. Not to mention the fact that being a “pimp”, sleeping with as many women as you can and actually stealing another mans wife/girlfriend is considered an achievement by the disgusting nigger/jewish music that is so popular for all of our young European children to listen to! Women nowadays don’t actually want a noble, honourable husband, they don’t actually care about meaningful intimacy with somebody they care for. All they care for is their narcissistic cult of the body, they like the fact that everyman wants them. Same for men, all sex is nowadays is two bodies consenting in their selfish dark egotistical need to feel good and to inflate their ego. We have also learned that the immaturity stated above has much to do with the racial mixture if the Neanderthal(European) and the homo sapiens(African) as mentioned here: Forever Young.

People seek comfort above all things, they want everything to be easier so that they can live a “happy” easy life with no resistance. Discipline is out of their vocabulary. Most of these people are on auto pilot and are just doing what feels good or are very frusturated because they are in constant need of something and their thirst is never quenched because their desires and wants are off of the scale of control!

In our world the needs of the individual are above the common good of all. As mentioned in my last post, these people are definitely not men and women of race.

As good Europeans we must combat the media, the society and the jew who will push this lifestyle on us in order to fill their pockets and destroy our race. We must refrain from the tv, luxury, pornography, lust, self indulgence, excessive comfort, unhealthy foods and the like. We must take control of ourselves, learn about ourselves, learn about our ancestors and be like Spartans in our lives. We must do so not only for ourselves, but for our families, our future selves, our tribe, our race, for the preservation of all that is European and Europe herself!





To be a man of race


I often will ask people their “ethnicity” or about their heritage. Usually I do this because I am genuinely interested or curious. But often I do so to people that I think are of European stock in attempts to try to create a comradeship through our common racial ancestry or even to maybe educate them a bit on their culture if they don’t know about it. The most common answers I get are usually met with uninterest and just an overall attitude of boredom with the subject. Usually the answers I get are “oh Im just white” or “I think I am German, Irish blah blah whatever I don’t really know”(again with an attitude of complete disinterestedness or in some cases annoyance). Nowadays race, heritage and culture do not mean anything to anybody. A casual interest with their heritage is about as close as it gets. “Who cares we are all just human anyways”

The most striking thing I notice most amongst Europeans who care not of their race is that their attention Is of course not directed toward their people, their customs, their culture and not even people in general or the earth they live on! Their main objective is themselves and themselves only. Occasionally they will claim the care about others but only when t benefits them and them only. Their concern is not for the community, for the protection and education of children, for the enrichment of their culture or respect for it. What they are worried about is how much money can I make, how comfortable can I be, how can I get the most by putting in the least amount of effort, how can I obtain the most pleasure, how many things can I buy to make my life easier. ME! ME! ME! ME!

Many of these people are unfortunately adults with children that they can hardly stand to be around or give at least an hour of their day to because they are too tired from working their meaningless job that they hate and when they get home want to be “comfortable” and to put in as least amount of effort as they possibly can. So they send them to schools, in the hands of strangers they trust to educate their children in almost all spheres of life. So then their child comes homes sagging his pants, hat to the side, with no respect for his parents whatsoever, or in the case for girls, they are coming home pregnant or unfortunately in a lot of cases, as young as the age of twelve, already sexually active. Not to mention sneaking out of their parents house so that they can go get sexually defiled by their nigger/thug boyfriend who will end up cheating on her and in a lot of cases will end up abusing her. All because of the above mentioned. Kids don’t learn form their parents they learn from the television, Hollywood and the jew garbage music of today!

But that is not the only reason, the jewish ran society we live in 100% promotes such degenerate behavior because of course most of the attitudes, worldviews, lifestyles and so on are seen and promoted on the television, in the media and in music. It is very obviously supported by these jews otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing these things in the world today. These kids think they are rebelling against society by acting this way, but they are actually doing exactly what society today is promoting and generating. It is this society which is creating the ways in which we should think, act, talk, love etc. It is our society that is making these things available for us to take in as acceptable and real. It is very common knowledge to most of us that the jewish domination of this society is prevalent and an absolute fact,

As I have learned and grown, I have understood that my race is my identity. My race, my people, my cultures and this earth itself is my “higher power”. I put my race above myself. All of these things I would put my well being on the line for. They are me and I am them. I am not the origin of myself, my being did not originate with myself, but originated from many others before me and inside of me. I EXIST BECAUSE MY RACE EXSISTS. To do things that benefit your people also benefits you, because you are your race and your race is you, you are ancestors and they you, you are your descendants and they you. To go outside of yourself for the benefit of others (namely your race) to me is inherit in the European heart. Our Paganism comes from our European hearts. The European religion is one of self discipline. To put your needs aside for others takes great discipline. Self sacrifice and self discipline is European through and through.There are many forms of self sacrifice. Self Sacrifice can apply to many spheres of life.

To do things for the common good for your people, to put yourself on the line for your people, to do things that will benefit your future people when you are gone, to set aside your comforts for your people : This is to be a man of race.

About Heaven. (the inspiration for my post, thank you Mr. Vikernes)

The Past

cropped-thnn7e3g46.jpgThe reason I am starting this blog is simple : One People One Nation One Europe. I have been following many blogs regarding this same subject especially in regards to odalism (thulean perspective) which has absolutely put meaning into my whole being. I have been extremely inspired by not only Mr. Vikernes, but many other of the bloggers on this site with the same mindset which encouraged me to start one myself. Not only am I starting this blog to share, encourage, enlighten, to teach and most of all to learn myself as I already have, but also to communicate and to create a sort of fellowship with fellow Europeans. I had been introduced to the cartoon paganism as a teenager and took it quite literal. In doing this I felt like it was the same thing as Judeo-Christianity. Of course not knowing what I know now, I had threw it aside years later even though knowing something was not right or missing so to speak. To make a very long story short I was introduced to black metal. This changed my life. At first the extreme brutality is what attracted me to the scene (being that I was in an extreme identity crisis and needed to be as extreme as possible due to my very confusing upbringing). But than it became again a full circle back to paganism. Black metal to me was a sort of revenge against Christianity waged by those who wanted to avenge their pagan forefathers. But than of course the satanic aspect came into play in which I began to read into and study (unfortunately) Satanism (yes the jewish, laveyan satansim).

After months of reading books by Nietzsche, Lavey, ragnar redbeard and so on, I began to think I was liberated and above the masses!! But again because of the search for an identity, the doctrines of these authors were forced on myself (I just wanted to be something! an -ism of some sort) and I realized how dark, negative and incompatible with my true European spirit these worldviews were. I had always still followed Mr. Vikernes in his new music. But I began to look much deeper and found the thulean perspective blog. THIS is what made me whole.

My upbringing was not the greatest. Having a father who was a drunk and step father who was drunk, my view, my being, was never stable.( my father now deceased because of alcohol and my step father as of this year now making a recovery). Not mention the part of the world I grew up in. Being in the southwestern part of the united states (basically Mexico/Africa), I was subject to racism and being a minority in the neighborhood I grew up in. Niggers were a constant fear and I was absolutely subject to bullying because I was white. Growing up with white guilt, taught to hate my own race, that to be “too white”, was basically looked down upon, as well as factors with my fathers I became distraught with hatred toward myself and even my own people. Even though my father did instill a racial pride in me to some degree, being the minority and of course like most in American society, believed in the garbage jew propaganda of our current world, his sentiments did not suffice. (Not to mention I went to Christian school as a kid all the way up to 6th grade) the fear of hell tormented me often as well. From preteen to teenager I became obsessed with pornography, drugs, and violence. I was a victim of society, I saw no way out. But a glimmer of racial pride was still in me, it stayed with me, and thinking back now even as a child, I noticed the differences between races. Until the age of 18 (in which I was still obsessed with the jewish porno/nigger violence scene) in my heart I felt that I wasn’t right, this world wasn’t right! I moved to the pacific northwest and turned my whole life around. Not needing counseling, drugs, prescription drugs and the like I found my way out with health and fitness. I am 23 now, I consider myself extremely well read as I have dedicated 2 or so years to educating myself in life, philosophy, politics, historical revisionism, European traditions and customs, gardening, combat (maybe 3 or so years), herbalism, nutrition, (also as well as having played guitar since I was 11 and most recently keyboard),mechanics and all in all true self reliance. I can say that I am now myself again. I can honestly say that the thulean perspective saved my life. There is much more to my story but this is not the purpose of this blog. Paganism is inherit in Europeans, its not something new, but it is inside of us, has always been us. It is a return to what we once were, what we are supposed to be. Paganism is the call of our ancestors but the call is a lot closer thank we think, its in our hearts. I will leave with this….

 rotting with pleasure, decaying in joy

there is not much to see here, yet I am not blind to this void

in search of a calling, it is silence I hear

if I only could answer, but there is an absence of ears

yet something is hidden, unseen and untapped

but a voice in the distance, I peek into the past

there are many inside of me, who lived once before

there are ways that I once lived, behind the inner door

this voice, it gets louder, it rumbles in my veins

it is those of the old, my people my race

so don’t look outside you will only find doubt

look deep within, and you won’t have to lookout