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Yes..the left wing liberals are clearly after all Europeans. Notice that the women tweeting about gun control for whites are….white.



European Men


Today I watched a video titled “Arab immigrant says Swedish women require real men”.

This statement alone was enough to drive me up a wall. To think that this immigrant is suggesting that he and his race are better men for European women than that of our own race. These immigrants not only rape and torture our women, but seem to think they are better men for them than us.

Women are our future, they pass on all of European traditions and culture. Besides the fact that modern society, feminism and Marxism already implanted in our womens heads that having children is a burden and to not care for the future of our race, these Muslims are speaking about breeding with our women in order to destroy our race. WE WILL BE GONE!

Observing European men in present days I tend to notice timidity, sloppy, perverted, fat, socially awkward men who our own women despise. It doesn’t help that the mass media portrays us in this matter (most of the time it’s actually Jews as the actors or men being portrayed) but let’s also see the fact that they portray the black male as the alpha male. We also see the media provoking mixing with immigrants to avoid being racist. In many cases our women are actually disgusted with us because of our timid and weak behavior.

So with all the above mentioned we have many cards stacked against us.

We as European men need to act as men! Do not be afraid to be your self. Be bold, courageous, upfront, honest, brave and confident. The change in this starts with us. We need to win the woman as the heroes of old did. We need to fight for our women and take back our future.

Force yourself in uncomfortable situations, be courageous, do what others will not, show our women boldness and chivalry. We need them! We do not exist without them. Our women are the most beautiful in the world, they need us, the want us, but we must win them. We have to earn the fair maiden as our ancestors did.

Young pagan men in Europe often had to embark on a task or a quest in order to prove his worth to the woman. Our women need our care and we need help them be the best woman they can be and they can guide our passions where they need to be. The European man and woman are an unconquerable unit.

Again I must state that in order to become the image of our ancestors we have to embark on these “quests” everyday. Deny the comfortable life, work harder than humanly possible, learn combat, learn to be self sufficient, introduce yourself to new situations, go uphill, trek through the torjan fortress and prove your your worth.

Be bold, hard and courageous. The change starts with us. We must secure our future and our women. Show them love, care, strength and appreciation for their inherit femininity.


Europes Future. Defend her!

Become like our ancestors again! They are inside of you! Call them! They are you and you are them!