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Hail our deities! Hail our Forebears!

Who We Are

Our Paganism is a “religion” of honor, self discipline, courage, love, self respect, pride and duty. It has come from the European racial mind. It is who we are, in blood, in mind and in spirit. Our deities are manifestations of the honorable qualities in us, role models to aspire to. To become odinn means to become wise!


“Aphrodite, a much better ideal for our women”


“The handsome Baldr”

Our religion cultivates healthy, strong and pure qualities within us, so that we may live up to our idols(ideals). As I’ve mentioned before, self discipline cultivates self control in our minds and bodies. To not live in excess, as Hippocrates said  “Anything in excess is opposed to nature”. Our forbears, who were much smarter and wiser than we are today, understood this, because of there connection to the natural world around them, through their senses, in their hearts, with their intuition. Our forebears understood that too much of anything could be harmful, we see this in nature as well. Greek(European) philosophy is rich in learning balance, discipline and morality(long before Christianity I might add, as many claim Christianity is the only way to be moral). To study and respect our earth is something inherit in our paganism. Perhaps our religion and philosophy is based on nature itself. Courage, strength and prudence as well is apart of our religion, to put ourselves through challenges that strengthen us are essential in or growth as Europeans. Our men and women were devoted to each other, our race, our children and to everything European. Our religion cultivates the loving, compassion, motherly, strong, smart, wise and beauty in our European women and  also courage, bravery, wisdom, resourcefulness, love, respect and fatherhood in our men. Our forbears were extremely talented in art, music, combat(if needed), poetry and all other crafts as well.

” Celtic Art”


” The Slavic Sunwheel”


” Classical Greek Art”

Our religion is..beautiful to say the least. In fact everything European is the opposite of the sickness of the world we live in today. Today because of the capitalist banking system, we have gone away from nature, and instead exploit our world for profit. Our forebears would never do such a thing, we lived off of our land within a complete harmony. Our food was pure, clean healthy and not filled with chemicals or genetically modified like ours today so that the jewish banker can increase his profit by being able to mass produce and alter our food in hopes of selling more of it. The European was healthy, happy, clean and bountiful…until this happened…..


Well besides the racial admixture due to the southern migration into Africa, Christianity is the biggest evil in this world, not only to Europeans but to all of this earth! This Asiatic plague has caused directly or indirectly the ruin of our world as I see it. It is this plague that is multicultural (Everyone is a child of god!) but yet the chosen people claim that THEY ARE the chosen people with arrogance and no respect for any other culture. It is this plague that has caused our brothers in Europe to fight against each other in the name of stupid nationalism(German vs French etc, nations are total Christian constructions, they are not natural or organic). It is this plague that has colonized the whole world and replaced the native religions with theirs as if they are absolute and that Christianity is better. Because of this colonization(genocide) which first happend to our pagans, and than European Christians who went as missionaries and colonized other countries with the aim of spreading this filth which now gets us the big finger point of blame for European colonization! It is this plague that absolutely smashed down our pagan temples, killed and tortured our ancestors in the name of Christianity! This whole world is Christian, how is it fair, how is it loving to replace other cultures religions with theirs?? (yes, I refer to Mr. Vikernes a lot, not because I am some sort of a kiss ass or blind follower, but because I am simply following my intuition)

Many Europeans claim Christianity as “European”, this includes many white nationalists and many others who think Europe and Christianity are one and the same. THEY ARE NOT! Christianity is the enemy of Europe, it is and always will be, if you are a Christian and you think you are helping Europe, YOU ARE NOT! You are just as much the enemy as Charlamagne was to Europe! Do not think Christianity and Judaism are different, they are the same. Jew, Christian and Islam are 3 heads on the same disgusting dragon. Modern politics are not any better in my opinion, National socialism(correct me if Im wrong but never in my reading of mein kampf or in hitlers’ table talks does he advocate paganism, as Goebbels and Himmler may have, my understanding is that Hitler believed Jesus was “ARYAN”), Fascism(Also Mussolini according to his autobiography speaks highly of Christianity, that is not to say I don’t agree with the good they did for Europe), democracy, socialism, capitalism etc. Christianity is the enemy of our pagan forefathers who fought valiantly against this filth. To be European and Christian is basically spitting in the face of your pagan forebears. Please someone remind me of our pagan ancestors forcing conversion of their religion on others. Paganism is NOT for everyone, it is European and European only. Pagans never went around replacing other native cultures with ours. In a way we have a bit of tolerance, only in the sense of leaving other cultures be as long as they practice their customs within in the confines of their own homelands and without disrupting ours. Cant say that for the judeo plague now can we? The real enemy has come out of the middle east (central asia)!

I have first hand experience in how Christianity arrogantly claims absoluteness. In the Christian school I went to, I remember of a time when the teacher and the class were actually making fun of Buddhists because they were simply not Christian. Christianity has laid out the groundwork for internationalism, globalization and a one world order. This is common sense when looking at their past actions and reading their bible and what they advocate. Christianity is 100% synonymous with bolshevisim, socialism, communism, one world government, multiculturalism and the reason for current events taking place in Europe and all over the world.

Paganism is the way, the light and the realization of the true European man/woman, not a sacrificed jew on a cross!


“Make our Ancestors proud! Live and be as they were!”

Frölich Odin

” Hail Wisdom!”