To be a man of race


I often will ask people their “ethnicity” or about their heritage. Usually I do this because I am genuinely interested or curious. But often I do so to people that I think are of European stock in attempts to try to create a comradeship through our common racial ancestry or even to maybe educate them a bit on their culture if they don’t know about it. The most common answers I get are usually met with uninterest and just an overall attitude of boredom with the subject. Usually the answers I get are “oh Im just white” or “I think I am German, Irish blah blah whatever I don’t really know”(again with an attitude of complete disinterestedness or in some cases annoyance). Nowadays race, heritage and culture do not mean anything to anybody. A casual interest with their heritage is about as close as it gets. “Who cares we are all just human anyways”

The most striking thing I notice most amongst Europeans who care not of their race is that their attention Is of course not directed toward their people, their customs, their culture and not even people in general or the earth they live on! Their main objective is themselves and themselves only. Occasionally they will claim the care about others but only when t benefits them and them only. Their concern is not for the community, for the protection and education of children, for the enrichment of their culture or respect for it. What they are worried about is how much money can I make, how comfortable can I be, how can I get the most by putting in the least amount of effort, how can I obtain the most pleasure, how many things can I buy to make my life easier. ME! ME! ME! ME!

Many of these people are unfortunately adults with children that they can hardly stand to be around or give at least an hour of their day to because they are too tired from working their meaningless job that they hate and when they get home want to be “comfortable” and to put in as least amount of effort as they possibly can. So they send them to schools, in the hands of strangers they trust to educate their children in almost all spheres of life. So then their child comes homes sagging his pants, hat to the side, with no respect for his parents whatsoever, or in the case for girls, they are coming home pregnant or unfortunately in a lot of cases, as young as the age of twelve, already sexually active. Not to mention sneaking out of their parents house so that they can go get sexually defiled by their nigger/thug boyfriend who will end up cheating on her and in a lot of cases will end up abusing her. All because of the above mentioned. Kids don’t learn form their parents they learn from the television, Hollywood and the jew garbage music of today!

But that is not the only reason, the jewish ran society we live in 100% promotes such degenerate behavior because of course most of the attitudes, worldviews, lifestyles and so on are seen and promoted on the television, in the media and in music. It is very obviously supported by these jews otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing these things in the world today. These kids think they are rebelling against society by acting this way, but they are actually doing exactly what society today is promoting and generating. It is this society which is creating the ways in which we should think, act, talk, love etc. It is our society that is making these things available for us to take in as acceptable and real. It is very common knowledge to most of us that the jewish domination of this society is prevalent and an absolute fact,

As I have learned and grown, I have understood that my race is my identity. My race, my people, my cultures and this earth itself is my “higher power”. I put my race above myself. All of these things I would put my well being on the line for. They are me and I am them. I am not the origin of myself, my being did not originate with myself, but originated from many others before me and inside of me. I EXIST BECAUSE MY RACE EXSISTS. To do things that benefit your people also benefits you, because you are your race and your race is you, you are ancestors and they you, you are your descendants and they you. To go outside of yourself for the benefit of others (namely your race) to me is inherit in the European heart. Our Paganism comes from our European hearts. The European religion is one of self discipline. To put your needs aside for others takes great discipline. Self sacrifice and self discipline is European through and through.There are many forms of self sacrifice. Self Sacrifice can apply to many spheres of life.

To do things for the common good for your people, to put yourself on the line for your people, to do things that will benefit your future people when you are gone, to set aside your comforts for your people : This is to be a man of race.

About Heaven. (the inspiration for my post, thank you Mr. Vikernes)


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