Hail to the Soldiers of Odin


3 thoughts on “Hail to the Soldiers of Odin

      • Yes, I am @originist on there… but I recently changed my display name to Uaine. I’ve had this blog (originally called Originism) for almost 3 years now and I have been part of our Odalism forum since 9-24-2014, the day it was made public.

        You’re the same guy who has been on a roll there lately and I commend you for your profilic posting and your enlightenment. It’s surprising to realize you’ve been subscribed to me for almost 6 months on WP with little fanfare, and yet to have recently caught my attention by making a splash at OF.

        I’ll be deleting my blog in about a week and I will rewrite all my articles to post at Odalism. It’s very good to see that Howell and Noah are the same person! I will follow you on the Odalist forum, Mr. Riley.

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