For Honor and Glory

How can we achieve glory, honor and remembrance? How can we be the stuff of legend? What can we do to make it so that nobody forgets our name?

In one of my very first posts I talked about being “A man of race”, referring to those of us Europeans who love our people and would do anything and everything for our people.

I want to touch more upon the subject of sacrifice and selflessness. We Europeans are one people. That is, the strong, the noble and the intelligent of us. We are all one in the same. I have millions of my ancestors blood in mine, I would not exist had it not been for a people. Our culture and our traditions are our identity, therefore I do not exist unless my people exist and my people do not exist unless our culture exists.

In order for our people, our race and our culture to exist we have to put aside our own direct well being and needs so that our future people can exist. The feeling of giving more and taking less is a feeling that I cannot explain, and you too have felt this I’m sure of it.

Glory for yourself and your honorable reputation can be achieved by putting your self on the line for others you care for, giving more and taking less, putting yourself in dangerous situations in order to ensure the survival of our people. To do the utmost in your life to achieve honor. To go to the extreme in order to be remembered honorably,is my duty.

This does not only achieve you an honourable reputation and survival for others only but is beneficial to yourself and your pride. The only gift I want from others is to be remembered and in order to that we must live honorably. If you have a wife and a child/children or are expecting, as a European I know I and you would  fight every giant and dragon to ensure their survival. That is what a European man does. If you do not have a wife and children yet, pretend like you do. Be sure your wife and your children receive 200% more care and attention and food. Our women are our future, your children are your future. Your children and your wife are the future to all Europeans. Remember that! To sit back and know you have exerted every last breath to ensure their well being and in turn the well being of our people, is a feeling I have not yet felt but anticipate.

If all Europeans had this attitude toward each other, imagine all the good and honorable deeds that would be done to you too! It is all full circle in this way.

As of now I do not have a wife or children but plan on it as soon as I find that women. But for now I will carry the attitude that I already do and put aside my needs and well being for them. And to take care of myself so that I can provide and fight for us.

In your everyday life exert your 100% effort in all you do, make sure people know you were there. Even if it means doing less for your self and your immediate wants. Show the world what a European really is.

There is no death for the honorable. Live in a way to be remembered forever, be the hero in the story that everyone wants to be. Make legend a real thing.



Do what must be done



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