The Jewish terror

Looking at the history of Europe, we find quite a bit of turmoil and wars of brother against brothers. The inquisitions, crusades and other conflicts all have one thing in common : Judeo-Christianity.

A large majority of these wars and conflicts are between differing denominations of the Jewish filth that pinned our brothers and sisters against one another. This includes Islam, because we all know that all of these denominations stem from the monotheistic terror of Judaism.

Yes, our European folk fought each other because of differing Jewish denominations ( fought each other in the name of a foreign religion not belonging to them in the first place, when in fact this foreign yoke was forced upon us first and foremost). Not to mention the dominating authoritarian aspect of the mono-theistic scum denominations, created power struggles between churches and created propaganda in order to get Europeans to fight each other for the sake of this Jewish filth!

And they scream “Oh poor Jews had it so hard in Europe, poor Jews!” When in fact it is because of Judaism that Europe fought and killed itself for way too long!

When people sympathize with Jews no matter what they do and feel so sorry for them because of the alleged holocaust, I always argue so what?! Jews have produced holocausts all over Europe! Let’s not forget something I’ve mentioned before which is the fact that any European colonial expeditions (remember many Jews look white) took place under the name of Christianity! As a way to spread Christian civilization (missionaries). Judaism has done nothing but destroy Europe and still is. First by dominating and converting all of our beloved pagan ancestors, then by inter-European conflict under the name of different Judaic denominations, than by Muslim invasions whether by the Turks or the North Africans, than by the disgusting perverted decadent control and manipulation of the media and our folk, than once again by the current muslim invasion of Europe(liberal, progressive, feminism and Marxism as the right hand man of the current migrant crisis) and then once again by creating white guilt for things Jews who like white have done.

I repeat Judaism has done nothing for this world but create destruction, greed and war. This includes all of its sects! Islam, Christianity, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant etc are all the same! Do not be fooled!

To all Europeans reject this filth! Be a true European! Honor your ancestors by becoming them once again, not by embracing a religion that slaughtered them!

I encourage you to listen to this little short on Columbus the Jew, which gave me the general inspiration on the terror of the Jew on Europe and the world. Check out more of these videos as well. Expose the Jew! Do not be afraid to call out the enemy of Europe and the world!



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