Fighting our genocide by reducing our needs

Europe really is waking up. I have heard that Sweden has closed it borders. FINALLY! Europeans all over are waking up. This brings me great joy. However that is hardly reason for celebration. Our world is on the verge of collapse and war.

There are many movements out there in support of anti immigration and pro Europe.  Two that come to mind are National Action and the golden dawn. But there is one problem, THEY ADVOCATE CHRISTIANITY. I know this. I was donating at one point until I learned this. It kills me really. I want so bad to support my people, I would give half or more of my hard earned money to my people but as i have stated many times,(as well as another respectable man has) CHRISTIANITY IS A JEWISH SECT! IT IS NOT EUROPEAN! I have and there should be no tolerance for anything judeaic in our race.

Other times, I get so angry, I get so HEATED, that I want to just go and fight (physically) every pedophile rapist immigrant until my last breath. But of course, we all know that wouldn’t slide with the jews who are making this happen.

I remember in the documentary Until the Light Takes Us, the young Varg says that “in order for something new and better to be created, you have to break down and destroy the old”. That never left my mind. He also said something along the lines that world war 3 was coming (he was right) and that yet he hoped for that to happen because again “In order for something new to be built, created etc, the old has to be destroyed”

In many of his videos, he states returning to a simple life and reducing our needs, that this is essentially a controlled form of anarchy,  a means to an end to return to ethnic tribalism.

I must agree. By reducing our needs, we reduce our income, and then reduce our being taxed on our pay checks and in turn reduces money and essentially support to the governments that are funding our destruction. By reducing our needs we become more self reliant. By living the way our ancestors did we need the system less and drop off that map, so to speak.

Bushcraft, hunting, gardening, herbalism, medicine, building, weapon making, clothes making, candle making and so on. This essentially makes life harder but strengthens us. I believe combat is a must for every European male and female. Hand to hand, wrestling, gun shooting, bow shooting, knife fighting, sword fighting etc.

Look at how you spend your money and where you spend it. Buy from local farms and not from corporate stores ever on any occasion. Look at your monthly expenses. Do you have all these extra things your paying that you don’t really need? And again is this money being spent on something thats going to help the system? Make a list and really ask yourself ” Do I really need this?” Do you really need to spend 30-40 dollars a month on a gym membership when the whole world is your gym?

The second thing we can do is spread the information we have to all Europeans. We also cannot give up on those we feel are lost either. Show them who we are, people can be won back or convinced to see their wrong ways. Maybe YOU can be the person to help and change them, bring them back to the light. Information is a weapon as we know, so lets use that too. By being an example of our ethos and our people we can draw back our fellow Europeans lost in feminism, Marxism and Christianity. Do not lose sleep if you don’t though, your effort is never wasted, your honourable deeds are never forgotten.  Our people are waking up, more than I thought and I will die to see more of this!


Hail to all of my European brothers and sisters!





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