How can we rebel?

The world we live in today is pretty disgusting. Everything is decadent and filthy. Especially being 23 years old, my generation is full of narcissistic animals. They care about nothing, they do nothing, they are good at nothing. They have no sense of honor, respect or discipline. The generation below me is even worse. On some level I do not fully blame them, I blame the society and the mainstream media ideology that has taken their minds over. MTV, the news, movies, tv shows, music, fashion and everything else the corporate bankers own are giving them the framework on how to be in order for them to make money and create mindless sheep.

and its working….


But these people are lost and don’t want to be found so I shed no tears for them.

Another big problem are the food corporations infected with GMO’s, refined garbage and the like. This food is easy, cheap and tastes great to some. SO we have fat, lazy, hypersexual, unintelligent cannibals on our hands. The good part about this is that they are completely dependent on the system and everything else for life so when SHTF they will be gone…goodbye…good riddance.

I feel the best way we can rebel is of course number one…not making money and materialism are number one priority in life. Like the American dream of being rich and having a lot of money. Nevermind a rich character or a healthy body. Rebelling against this attitude is a given for most of us who are open to the decay of our world, us Europeans. The second this we can do is use our money against them. This seems counter-productive but if we can spend our money on local farms for food or local stores that get food from farms we are not helping the corporations thrive. While doing this we can save our money to buy chickens, property, cows, goats, hunting equipment while at the same time minimalizing our needs so that we are not needing so many things that require money. We can save our money to buy the things that will make us less dependent on it. This may not make sense but unless we want to live on the street with absolutely nothing, we have to have money somewhat at this point in time. Using our money for do it yourself type of books. Ex. Saving money for a hunting bow and buying books on how to butcher wild game. In this scenario we are using our money to buy things that will help us not be AS dependent on it as we were before. Plus hunting and butchering are great skills to know and were apart of our forbears life on the daily.

We also can never spend money on any food product from any corporation, any gmo or refined food whatsoever. Never spend money on things that help civilization thrive like buying T.V.’s, movies, chemical plastics etc. In this way we are not helping but hurting them. By making money your main concern you only help the nasty, filthy ideology continue but if we are using there money against them we have an edge on them so to speak. That is my theory though, the best thing we can do is live ore slef sufficiently without money of course but unfortunately, in this world it takes money to get there, so lets use it as a weapon!

While decadent human beings fall, while civilization crumbles, while economic disasters occur, we will let them and truly rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Let us make our forbears proud, to live as they did, and to make our descendants or future ones proud. Lets be the ancestors that THEY look up to. Live honorably and create a great life for our future Europeans! Let the filth crumble and help it do so, so that there can be more room for the clean, pure, moral, respectful, honorable, smart and beautiful.

Hail Europe!



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