I have been seeing all of the reviews on myfarog on youtube and wordpress for quite some time now wondering what it was like and eventually buying it when I had the money.

I recently did purchase myfarog and read it within a couple of days and I could not be any happier with it. My favorite thing about myfarog is the factthat it truly is an informational book on our culture and traditions. Varg gives us info on how our ancestors lived and you can ‘act out’ the way our ancestors lived by actively playing the game as well.

Although I do not have anyone to play this game with, the information given in this book has given me nothing but joy and I am 100% satisfied with it. My favorite aspects of the book are the little grey boxes explaining things such as laws regarding outlaws, duties of the noblemen, our view on homosexuals, the positive view on eugenics, duels, battle formations,bodies of the fallen, all of the tribes,their symbols and corresponding deities, justice, shield maidens and all the names of the deities and their etymology.

This book to me is gold, and when given the chance I would love to play it. For my future children this will be the tool (among others), to teach them the ways of our forebears.

Like SRAS and the thulean perspective blog site, myfarog has enlightened and filled me with strength and joy.

I would like to thank Varg Vikernes and Marie Cachet for all of the work they’ve done. Had it not been for them I would never have realized myself and full potential.

Hail the gods! Hail Europe! Hail MYFAROG! Hail Varg and Marie!


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