Above and Beyond

In todays “modern, civilized world of progress”, the character of most human beings is that of laziness, weakness, escapism, lack of discipline, over indulgence and lack of ambition. The young people today are by far the worst ever, my generation (I am 23) is a generation with a “I expect everything but wont put in the work to get” attitude and the “YOLO” (you only live once) attitude as well which is destroying our world, and at that, I mean literally the EARTH herself.

The fruits of “civilization”




Our world is overpopulated with the immoral, the unintelligent, the weak and the down right stupid and those who are not like the above have to suffer for it. The politically incorrect practice of eugenics done by the barbarian kept people like this out of the world.

The true European has no respect for this animal like lifestyle portrayed by the lovely jewish media as “healthy”. I have made a similar post regarding European discipline and id like to continue on that.

I like to live in a way that people will remember my name. Going above and beyond what is expected of me in everything I do. No matter how I feel taking the hard and uphill path first and foremost. Most of us still have to work a job that may be a 9-5 and may not exactly be our ideal job either. I work at butcher shop so I feel I am at least learning something useful. For those of us who are working regardless of where, I would say that we should work in a way in which people will never forget us when we leave. Do not only do what is expected of you and do it right, but do MORE than what is expected of you, and than do even more. Don’t just do your job, but everyone elses job too, and I don’t mean stealing glory or anything like that but going way out of your way to do more than is expected of you. Do your managers job, do the owners job etc. Do not leave until it is as perfect as perfect can possible exist.

And for those who are on our way to living self sufficiently, take the same approach. Live in a way that your family, your kids, your wife and your friends will remember you as the one who went above and beyond to make things right and good. This philosophy of course applies not just to physical labor but mentally as well. Push your mind and body the limit of what you thought you could do. Expose yourself to the worst conditions, the worst circumstances and push to ascend above them. Choose to walk uphill rather than take the easy road. As I once read in one of the thulean perspective posts regarding this subject, the hardest path to the objective is most always the right and proper way to achieve your goal.

In our world everything is done for us, everything is easy and we are nothing but dependent and domesticated animals. The fruits of civilization for you.

I want to talk about rest as well. For those of us who work hard in life, we deserve to have a nice rest, to treat ourselves and be proud of what we do or have done. We have to remember everything in nature is balanced and we must keep that balance.

We can treat ourselves to an occasional non-GMO beer or wine, or to some non-GMO baked goods and so on. We can do this because we deserve it and to keep things in balance. As Hippocrates said ” Anything in excess is opposed to nature”. At the end of your journey or your week or whatever it is you do, take an occasional rest or feast and look back, relax for a moment and be proud of what you do and appreciate the sweeter things you reward yourself with because of your exceptional character.

The true barbarian will look to nature for advice, she will never lead us astray.


To hell with civilization, awaken the barbarian!

Make your ancestors proud, live in a way that would put a smile on their face and do the same for your descendants and all of your kin. Be the stuff of legend!

Hail all that is European!


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