European Health part 4

I would have written this one awhile ago however, due to drastic environmental changes (moving form south western US to the pacific northwest) I have been quite busy adapting to the changes. Anyways I would like to talk this time about European ideology or really simply put : being European.

Many call it pagan, heathen, odinism etc. However these are either modern names or outside sources of what others called Europeans. For example heathen is a negative term used by Christians to describe us, odinist is a modern name, which I have nothing against, and of course pagan simply means country dweller, which again is not negative in any way. Its actually a very positive thing, our ancestors lived in nature, away from cities and “civilization”

I doubt our ancestors called themselves pagan, they just …..were. It was probably not called anything. To be European is to be pagan. TRULY European.


A beautiful European in the forest.

But id like to address some things first. Many so called Europeans embrace Christianity as their heritage and I cannot for the life of me understand why. This is very common among white nationalists or national socialists, especially ones currently fighting the Islamic invasion of Europe. They seem to think that Christianity is a way to fight the jews and islam. National socialists claim the Hitler’s national Socialism was a pagan movement while others use national socialism as some sort of a social Darwinist theory and than we also have the white Christian nationalists claiming Hitler’s movement was a Christian one (he says this himself in 1929 I believe) and that jesus was some sort of Aryan messiah. As there are many interpretations to this national socialism I don’t embrace it wholly only in the aspect of it not being consistent and of course I have no desire for MODERN politics. But also because there is not much proof of it being a Pagan movement let alone a Pan-European movement. Hitler cared more about Germany as a nation than he did about every European people, this includes his ill thoughts towards Slavs.

More importantly the problem is Judeo-Christianity. These Europeans blow my mind when they embrace this jewish creed. The bible was very clearly written by Semitic peoples, jesus himself is from central asia, the judeo faith has absolutely destroyed, murdered AND OBLITERATED our ancestors and our ancient customs (or twisted them to fit the jewish creed of course, which is the only reason why any European would adopt that jewish filth in the first place). The crucifixion itself was stolen from the ancient symbolic ritual ceremony our ancestors practiced in order to be reborn and make a name for themselves, so why worship jesus? That would be like you worshipping another fellow European initiate for doing the exact same thing you did or have to do, which is the same answer I would give to those saying jesus was European. SO with that being said, Europeans praying to a jewish jesus and god is absolute suicide but yet they think that this is their real ancestral faith! Embracing the religion that basically raped your ancestors is a cowardly stab in the back to your forefathers and mothers. Its complete slavery!

Ahh but we of course have our wicca, new age blah blah garbage anti racist universalist “pagans” as well. These so called pagans literally worship gods, think they actually exist. They basically are practicing cartoon paganism which Christianity portrayed our native culture as. These wiccans are making wands from tree branches thinking that there is literal power in them and going to crystal stores thinking that because the color of a crystal, it means something and will protect you from danger. They are doing rituals that will gain them money and riches and reading tarot cards as if this is what our ancestors did. They also seem to think that anyone no matter their race can practice what our ancestors did so long as they have an interest in “magic”. Many of these “witches” are just hedonistic tramps who will sleep with anyone and to make it worse with one outside of their race (and not for the sake of children either, but for simple base reasons). Many of the men are fat and out of shape and also homosexual, while the wiccans are basically progressive feminists. They do not see our paganism as a racial, cultural identity but something like a hobby or something completely stupid. I denounce them 100%

But back to nationalism. I cannot help but feel that in supporting these movements that I am just feeding into the global jewish elitist agenda. Left and right wing are two wings on the same bird. And as Ive mentioned right wing nationalists are not necessarily pro-all of Europe and support judeo-christianity(while they may be pro-white, they are pro-Christian white) while left wingers are pretty much all controlled by jews. (White guilt exists BECAUSE of Christianity. It is European Christians to blame for some of these accusations of “the evil white man”. It is this jewish creed that first enslaved us. Many of white colonization happened only after Christianity, we all know paganism is not universalism, as Christianity IS. )This disappoints me. In feeding into the race wars going on in America we are basically turning a blind eye to the jewish globalists that are watching with pleasure as we destroy one another. While we kill each other over misinterpreted and misinformed historical facts, the jews just rape our planet and everyone else. These political systems and factions that fight each other are jewish creations and if we continue to feed into them, the more power we give them. White genocide is a real thing, but do you really think the jews care about the blacks? The Asians? NO! The politicians in Sweden and Europe are not only destroying the European people by allowing this migrant crisis, but they are also going to exploit the immigrants for power and control. The real enemy to every race on this planet is central Asian Judaism. These peoples are the result of the Neanderthal- homo sapien mix and have caused nothing but destruction since then. We need to aim our crosshairs where they belong.

Every race on this planet should embrace their racial roots and in seeing that all races are already diverse from the start, they may appreciate their own ancient forefathers and customs. And in doing so, they may allow others to do the same thing, which will encourage non race mixing. They will love their own diversity and not want to spoil it. This of course is wishful thinking.

My point is this : Europeans must embrace their native culture, their pre Christian culture to come alive again. Our paganism is the way to health and the way to truly realize yourself. Not nationalism, not Christianity(which are one and the same, nations are Christian constructs and un-organic entities, OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!)  not all these modern constructs but only European paganism.

I do not wish to IN detail explain what paganism is, simply follow the thulean perspective, read sorcery and religion in ancient Scandinavia, read true European philosophy, shake off the chains of Judaism, and look inside, be yourself! Be a European!

Embrace your European gods and goddesses, look inside and tap into your blood, the truth is their. Hail Europe! Hail Europeans! Hail our gods!



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