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  1. Thanks for your story, 100% enjoyed it, 100% agree with it. One question though: pagan, heathen, odinism, is Nietzscheanism also included? Because I’m a fan of Nietzsche.


  2. Well I personally have read 3 of his books and I would say that he does not have any relation to paganism per se. With that being said some of his ideas are a bit similar and healthy if applied to your life. But his school of philosophy is not pagan, but as I said a couple of his ideas or quotes may be on par with European philosophy. Many people have interpreted his views in many different ways, he himself did not actually practice what he preached, he was very sickly and ended up going mad and died. In my view, things that he may have said that are good (which there is some good to his philosophy) were already said before especially if they are similar to paganism. So I guess ipso facto if it is similar or even feels exactly like its a European way life and he said it, than it is pagan because paganism existed first, which a large majority of philosophy and practical life ideas all stem from our ancient religion and people are simply repeating them. I may have taken this response to an extreme but I hope it wasn’t confusing and helpful somewhat.


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