European Health Part 2 – Physical

In my last post I talked about native hunter gatherer foods of Europe and how we should be eating these foods for better health and to bring us closer to how our ancestors lived. A hunter gatherer diet keeps us away from the processed, GMO garbage food that our world makes readily available to us. Eating seeds, nuts, wild good organic meat, veggies and fruits will ensure our minds and our bodies are in tip top shape, its simply how we are supposed to eat. Not only will our bodies be in great condition on the inside but also on the outside. We will be stronger, faster, more agile and much better at surviving in battle if need be. A good clean eating diet should be supplemented with physical activity and/or exercise. We will talk about this in this post.


” Healthy Europeans”

Awhile ago I took a fitness training class which taught me a lot in regards to the how important physical activity is. Not just for the body but the mind as well. In my teens I was a drug user (very heavily) and upon coming out of that darkness fitness was the key and the light, so to speak. I have been studying fitness for at least 3.5 years and there are many things id like to discuss on this topic.

First of all id like to point out that in the above picture (I know it is a cartoon and might not be 100% to the tee an exact replica of how our ancestors looked but it is a good enough example) that none of those men above are obese (of course) but also none of them are HUGE! As in overflowing with extreme muscle mass like the grotesque body builders of today. So id like to talk about what kind of physical excercises are functional and necessary for health and for strength.

Personally from research and experience, I do not believe that traditional weight lifting is at all necessary. Our ancestors did not lift weights up and down while looking into a mirror. Vanity was of no concern when it came to physical health. Our ancestors did not lift weights the way we do today but they DID lift heavy objects and had the strength to do so.


I understand this may look like a strong man, but hes only good at lifting weights, he cannot run and would not have much stamina in war. Not to mention all the food he has to eat to keep himself this way, there would be no food left for his wife and kids or the tribe for that matter. Which in turn would affect his energy while out on the hunt for the mass food he needs to fuel all of that useless muscle.

I absolutely rule out bodybuilding as a means to achieve physical health, plus body building is pure vanity nothing more. There is no functionality in bodybuilding.

Now the next best thing in my opinion would be Olympic style lifting. Many of the moves in Olympic training are somewhat functional to a degree. Squats, deadlifts, bench press and shoulder presses are not bad for your body per se. But the weight used for these movements (can go from 200 to 800lbs) and the repetition range for these movements are usually a 1 rep max or maybe 2-3. These are considered explosive and powerful movements. But my question again when are you ever going to need to move 800lbs while laying on your back one time? Why would you ever need to squat 1000lbs one time in your life?


This is very impressive, I do not doubt that and many of these Olympic lifters are in phenomenal shape (vainly speaking) but I am just not sure why I would need to hold that much weight over my head on purpose in a real life situation. Olympic lifting helps you become better at….Olympic lifting.

So again, I must rule out Olympic lifting purely in itself as necessary for functional strength. Another point id like to bring up is the fact that what if you do not have access to these heavy weights and bars? How about the solar storm that could possible melt these weights? What then?

I believe that the most functional excercises we should be doing involve our own bodyweight, plyometrics, cardio (running, sprinting, walking, climbing, jumping) combat training( wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, knife fighting and even sword fighting) and most importantly pure physical labor work! Digging, lifting, moving, holding, dumping and etc. Our ancestors were always on the move! Hunting for large game, building, digging holes and not to mention the may contests were they competed in physical activity. I am not saying weight resistance training is bad, but doing a slow bicep curl is not useful to your health.

I do 1000 push ups a day or less depending on the type of pushing I Am working up to, I practice boxing, kickboxing, knife fighting, sword fighting etc. My workout regimens consist of body weight excercises such as pull ups, push ups, burpees, sit ups, dips, jumps. bodyweight squats etc. I have a heavy bag that I lift from the bottom, pick up and slam on the ground for 5 minutes. There are so many forms of push ups, squats, burpees, pull ups, you name it.  Get creative! You can gain a lot with as minimal equipment as possible, making you reliant on your self and your immediate possessions to help get yourself in shape! Tire flips, sledge hammer swing, chopping wood, moving logs, stacking logs, work work work! Get out of the house, improve your outside property find something hard and labourious to do.

I think combat training is very important and extremely taxing on the body. This you can do anywhere. Shadowbox in your room for 30 minutes (or better yet outside) and then do a bunch of bodyweight excercises after. Create your own workout routine. Oh let me not forget to mention swimming! DO THAT!

Our forbears were in very great mental and physical shape, they did not live the lives we do today, sitting in front of a tv, sitting at a desk, sleeping for hours on end, or lifting unnecessarily heavy weights in a mirror and than flexing for a crowd of people.

We Europeans must return to our old ways if we want to survive and to become better. Our forebears knew much more than we did, they lived simpler and lived healthier. Let us return to the ancient! Let us awaken our ancestors inside us by getting away from the easy life of this world, look inside and find the deities inside of you, take one good look at our gods and goddesses and you will know what to do!


” Perun! Slavic equivalent to Thor”

" Lada, the beautiful Slavic goddess of fertility"

” Lada, the beautiful Slavic goddess of fertility”

Hail to All Europeans!


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