European Health


Health is extremely important for the European especially living in this processed world. Just about everyone of these modern new improvements like plastics, pesticides, GMOs, polyester fabric, microwave, cell phones and so on, are affecting our health very negatively. They are destroying our brains and our bodies making us dumb, fat, lazy and unhealthy meat sacks closer to disease and death day by day.


I would like to speak specifically about food in general. I, being into health and fitness for quite some time, have tried many different forms of eating as far as specific food types. One in particular I tried was called the “Paleo Diet”. This is even called sometimes the “Caveman Diet” based on what they think man universally ate as a hunter-gatherer. Along with this diet comes the supposed research that after the homo sapiens came “out of Africa” and went through the Neanderthal “stage”, that we (every human) ate things such as meat, fruit, veggies,eggs and nuts. While the “out of Africa” theory is complete nonsense, the diet that is proposed has some validity when it comes to how I believe Europeans should eat.

The European man was a hunter-gatherer and did eat such things like wild game meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. The European should also today eat this way, to eat and live as our ancestors did. But I also would like to incorporate foods native to Europe exclusively. Many fruits around the world are healthy for man to eat, however, I highly doubt the European had bannanas on their diet, simply because they do not grow or are native to our land.

I think the European hunter-gatherer diet is ideal for Europeans simply because this is what our ancestors ate therefore I believe it should fit in with Europeans today as well.

I have made a list of native foods to Europe and these foods also originated in Europe, now our goal of course is to grow our foods and raise these animals ourselves and while this is being done it would be ideal to buy these foods locally from small farms or if you do not have this option, be sure buy from trusted health food stores near you. Buy organic and when it comes to meat and eggs, make sure they are pasture raised and humanely raised as well. Again I have nothing against foods from other parts of the earth but I simply would like to present foods native to our lands. ( I exclude dairy of course)

  • turnips
  • cabbage
  • cucumber
  • grapes
  • chestnuts
  • asparagus
  • apples
  • pears
  • raspberries
  • black currant
  • angelica
  • parsnips
  • mustard greens
  • radish
  • rapeseed
  • strawberries
  • beets
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • kale
  • brussel sprouts
  • walnuts
  • fennel
  • catnip
  • caper
  • centarium
  • pomegranate
  • peaches
  • lettuce
  • lemon
  • cherries
  • plums
  • blackberries
  • blood orange
  • carrots
  • celery
  • chard
  • collard greens
  • onions
  • deer
  •  fish(cod, salmon, halibut, trout)
  • cattle
  • rabbit
  • reindeer
  • not sure if chickens are native or not but I will include them and their eggs.

Im sure there are more to name but this is what have so far. The agricultural farming European did not come until he came back from Africa a bit more racially mixed, however we don’t necessarily have the option to purely “hunt and gather” although we still can to some degree. We can mix both farming techniques and hunting and gathering for our food.

I will cont. more European health posts including fitness, medicinal herbs and as well as providing sentiments on what ideologies are unhealthy for the European man…..


” A popular and destructive virus to the European”

Not only should we live as our pagan forefathers did mentally in our worldview, but in physical health as well.

“The healthy European!
I don’t see obesity anywhere in this picture, do you?”

To our health, our deities and to Europe!


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